To support the global Art industry by connecting professionals in all fields of the sector. To share standards and knowledge and facilitate its

exchange between all the panellist in order to build a future for exhibiting visual arts in a pandemic.


We envision a world in which the recovery of the visual arts sector is supported, thereby encouraging the significant importance of museums, art fairs, collections, exhibitions, and cultural knowledge in building a better  understanding of our role in a healthy social recovery.

  • Establish the mechanisms to gather the information that allows you to make the best decisions (consultations with authorities, representatives of workers, employees, specialists).

  • Establish the ways in which it will be coordinated (among the components of the committees).

  • Carry out an evaluation of the above and arrive at conclusions.

  • Design a contingency plan for the various phases of the evolution of restrictions.

  1. Be kind, this is the place to lift others up. We don’t put anyone down - be in involved with each other.

  2. No venting. We have a zero-tolerance policy for complaints, rants, call-outs, harassment, hate speech, bullying, drama, or gossip. This is a place to encourage, support, and lift others up; not put anyone down.

  3. Be generous. Give more than you ask. Share what you’re working on, but keep a larger emphasis on sharing support, wisdom, and encouragement. Give 3 times more support, insight, and encouragement than you ask for.

  4. No massive 'like parties' Don't ask people to “like” your Facebook page, follow your Instagram account or follow you on Twitter or LinkedIn. This also includes putting together social media posts; blog shares; watch parties.

  5. Be ethical and original, this is a safe place to share work and get feedback.

  6. Respect each other's privacy.

  7. Do Your Due Diligence. If you choose to work with another For the Love of Art make sure you get a clear, written service agreement in place.