What about when there are no institutions left?

Dear all, there is much news on a large number of museums, galleries, etc closing, about to close, disappear, etc. just yesterday the Spanish journal “El Mundo” published on a large number of major museums and galleries in the USA, naming a few, which is probably the tip of the iceberg, closing, dissolving, and getting rid of the professional and conservation staff.

That will probably happen in many other countries.

I believe a topic to debate should be what to do with collections when institutions close. What will happen to them? Who would monitor the state of the collections when the conservation staff is not there? What can this group think, debate, propose to do when institutions close and there is none or very few conservation professionals available, not even eventual freelance contracted staff?

The field must be prepared, not only to take care of eventual new exhibitions happening but to steward the collections once the institutions cease to exist. What will happen? Some might stay in storages, others even sold... who will take care and how.



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