Virtual Courier

Due the current situation because of COVID19 pandemic, Fine Art Logistics are forced to offer and provide alternatives to custody artworks in land transports which should be accompanied by an institution representative all time.

How we could monitor in real time land transport with no courier presence?

Virtual Courier could be an interesting tool to provide continuous control of the whole route in real time.

It is a tandem between human resources and technology. This technology which has been accelerated in its development due the coronavirus issue, in both personal and professional life, providing an important help to maintain social and professional communication with no need of displacements.

This virtual Courier is a helpful step due the current situation and it could avoid the courier´s travel to escort the works, keeping them safe, and who knows if maybe in the future it could be fully implemented, changing the idea of courier that we know nowadays and reducing, in a significant way, the economic costs of couriers travels.

This alternative has been implemented in several land transport during last weeks when human displacements ware restricted and crossing borders in Europe were forbidden, still are, for those who are not professional drivers.

This technology and new virtual tools could be also interesting to supervise and work into conservation field. You can check this out with my colleagues in this matter.

For further information about virtual Courier, fell free to contact me.

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