US, Russia, Brazil on draft list of countries banned from traveling to bloc from 1st of July

Updated: Jul 21

European officials failed to reach a decision on whether travelers to Europe from Russia, the U.S, Brazil, and Qatar will be barred from entry even after the bloc’s external borders open on July 1st. Officials could not reach an agreement and that talks would continue into Friday at the ambassadorial level. The criteria are based on the epidemiological situation and the response to COVID-19 in the third country.

Denmark’s government has decided to welcome tourists from the majority of the European Union countries, as a part of a series of facilitated moves amid an improved situation related to the Coronavirus situation in the country and further in the EU. Exempt will be only the citizens of Ireland, Malta, Portugal, Romania, the UK, and Sweden (except the region of Västerbotten), where the Danish authorities assert the epidemiological situation is not exactly under control.

Under the country’s new guidelines, Danish residents who wish to travel to these six countries are only recommended to do so if it is “strictly necessary”, while tourists from these countries will be barred from entering Denmark,

The low number of Coronavirus infections is the main criterion in which Denmark has based the reopening of borders.

The same notice pointed out that only France, Greece, Italy, Spain, and the Netherlands were meeting the criteria, at that point.

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