UK Export License delays

On 20 March 2020 the UK Export Licensing Unit (ELU) closed until further notice.

Exporters and UK agents are instructed not to submit any applications until the ELU has reopened.  

Applications which were in progress at the time of closure will be put on hold until the ELU reopens. When this happens, they will continue to process licence applications which were put on hold as a priority, and then process new ones in strict order of receipt. This has an impact on shipping calendars from the U.K. as cultural goods requiring licenses will need to await their turn once the unit is operational again.

If you have items outside of the UK on temporary export licences which are due to expire soon, but you are unable to return them in time, there is no need to contact them to request an extension. All temporary export licences will be extended automatically and there will be no sanctions for non-return before the original expiry date.

Click here for more information at the Arts Council

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