The great Italian museums after the lockdown

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Gallerie degli Uffizi - Reopening June 3rd

Interview of Artemagazine to Eike Schmidt, Director of the Gallerie degli Uffizi, Florence


“The rebirth of the country begins with art. What starts from Florence today, with the reopening of the first Italian museum, is an important and symbolic signal. It would be wonderful if the model of relaxed visit and tourism that is experienced here in the Uffizi, in this particular historical moment, becomes the model for tomorrow's tourism.

The Uffizi has an economic incubator role for all of Florence and for the whole country is the most visited museum in Italy. We have lost 12 million euros in these 85 closing days, but Florence has actually lost much more due to the lack of related activities. Today there is also the reopening of the region's borders, people will come from the north and south to see the Uffizi and these are the first steps that lead us towards greater openness, always in conditions of safety ".

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