The great Italian museums after the lockdown

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

The Borghese Gallery in Rome reopened on May 19 after a lockdown of 2 months. Director Anna Coliva announced it on the Gallery's Facebook page and stressed that this is a special occasion for visitors "A great opportunity, to rediscover the true "aura" of the works, the intimate relationship between art and spectator. From an economic point of view, the Gallery will suffer but, on the contrary, the experience of individual enjoyment will certainly gain from it”

The Borghese Gallery has adopted the following safety measures:

In order to ensure maximum safety for staff and visitors, all necessary measures have been activated. First of all, the use of a thermoscanner to detect the temperature of visitors is provided. With the aim of limiting the time spent inside the structure, special boxes - positioned along the external avenue - welcome the ticket, cloakroom, and bookshop services. Each visitor is also required to report, on a special register, the arrival time and the duration of the visit, in order to allow the tracking of the flows entering and leaving the Gallery. The ticket can be booked online by selecting one of the available shifts, for a maximum of 80 people each shift. The maximum length of stay inside the museum is set at two hours. The opening hours remained unchanged, from 9 to 19, from Tuesday to Sunday. It is essential to wear a mask and use the sanitizing gel dispenser, available to the public at the beginning of the exhibition. At the moment stop to guided tours.

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