Several nations suspend international travel with UK starting Dec. 20 due to new COVID-19 strain

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Countries including France, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Belgium, the Irish Republic, Turkey and Canada have temporarily closed their borders to arrivals from the UK, in attempt to stop the spread of a new, more infectious variant of coronavirus.

The moves began with the Netherlands on Sunday morning, which placed a ban on flights carrying passengers from the United Kingdom until January 1 at the latest.

The EU has scheduled a meeting for 1000 Dec. 21st for the purpose of making a decision on a coordinated European response to the new COVID-19 strain. Additional nations, including those outsides of Europe, could impose similar bans on travel to/from the UK, as well as other countries where the mutation has appeared.

Eurostar has confirmed that there will be no services between London, Brussels, and Amsterdam today (December 21st), and trains will only operate on the London-bound leg between Paris and London on December 21st and 22nd.

France has suspended all travel links from the UK for 48 hours, including all accompanied freight traffic, leading to the closure of the Port of Dover for all outbound movements.

The Irish government has announced a ban on all flights arriving into Ireland from Great Britain with effect from midnight, Sunday, 20th December 2020. The ban is in place for tomorrow Monday, 21st December, and Tuesday 22nd December, and will be reviewed on Tuesday, 22nd December 2020.

Meanwhile, Italy has banned flights arriving from the UK until January 6, 2021, and Germany has also halted passenger flights from the UK from midnight on Sunday.

Other European countries which have already or are set to implement temporary travel bans from the UK include German, Switzerland, Austria and Bulgaria.

Spain will reinforce in airports and ports the verification control of PCR tests for people arriving from the United Kingdom.

Follow all official instructions. Abide by national health and safety measures. Reconfirm all travel arrangements, particularly to the UK or other countries where the new virus strain has been detected.

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