ITALY. Air and rail transport workers to hold nationwide strike in Italy Jan. 29th

Italian public and private transport workers are planning to take part in a nationwide general strike Jan. 29th

The strike periods vary slightly by sector, as follows:

ENAV Air traffic control (ATC) staff: 1300-1700

Rail transport workers: 0001-2100

The strikes could cause significant ground and air transport disruptions Jan. 29th, Italian law requires that transportation providers ensure a minimum service level during labor actions. The ATC strike could prompt flight delays and cancellations at airports nationwide; Alitalia has announced the cancellation of a number of domestic and international flights. In addition, many rail services will likely be delayed or canceled, and those services that do run could experience congestion.

Confirm all air and rail transport reservations Jan. 29th; do not check out of accommodations until onward travel is confirmed. Consider alternative transport options to mitigate travel disruptions, and allow extra time to reach destinations

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