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Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Continuously growing online follower

The average number of online followers has been continuously growing since February on all social channels. Instagram is the most followed channel on average (26,683 average followers per account) at the end of May and is also characterized by a greater percentage increase in online followers: from February to March, a page of a museum obtained on average +7, 2% followers, further increased by 8.4% between March and April and by 7.5% between April and May. On Facebook, a museum page increased its followers by an average of 5.1% between February and March, with further growth of 3.6% between March and April and + 2.8% between April and May, reaching so at the end of May an average of 19,207 followers. Although the average number and growth rates are more contained, also on Twitter the pages of the museums have increased their follower base on average, going from + 2.8% between February and March to + 2.4% from March to April and +2, 9% between April and May, reaching an average of 8,438 followers in late May.

From Politecnico di Milano Report “Reputazione Online dei Musei - Maggio 2020”

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