Italian Museums and Social Media

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

User interactions online

Although museums continue to increase their publications, the average number of interactions per post does not follow the same trend and varies from channel to channel. On Facebook, after a first significant increase between February and March, the average of the interactions per post has decreased compared to March, reaching 116 interactions per post in May. This value remains in any case higher than the corresponding February value.

On Instagram, however, the number of interactions per post follows a decreasing trend, settling on 520 interactions per post in the month of May. Although museum tweets do not receive comparable attention compared to other social media posts, interactions per post follow a growing trend on Twitter, going from 26 interactions per post before museum closings to 31 interactions per post.

From Politecnico di Milano Report “Reputazione Online dei Musei - Maggio 2020”

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