Italian Museums and Social Media

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Museums open on social channels

The closure of museums has increased the activity of museums on social media channels and the number of publications is settling on double values ​​compared to the pre-COVID period. On the three channels, in the total closing months of March and April, the number of museum publications doubled compared to the previous period. The significant increase in the number of tweets of museums in May is mainly due to the MuseumWeek2020 campaign, which took place in the week 11-17 May 2020.

MAY 2020

In this week, on Twitter, the museums published on average 195 posts per day, about three times more the average daily number of Tweets published on the other days of the month (46 daily posts). It is also observed that the average number of interactions per museum post fell by 24% during the week (29 interactions per post) compared to the other days of May (38.5 interactions per post). MuseumWeek hashtags were the most popular among museum accounts on Twitter, with #museumweek used by 65% ​​of accounts. The most popular daily thematic hashtags include #eroiMW (Monday 11 May), #insiemeMW (Wednesday 13 May), #momentiAlMuseomMW (Thursday 14 May), used by 55% of the accounts. 53% of museum accounts used #ambienteMW (Friday 15 May), #tecnologiaMW (Saturday 16 May) and #sogniMW (Sunday 17 May), while #culturaInQuarantenaMW (Tuesday 12 May) was used by 48% of museums.

From Politecnico di Milano Report “Reputazione Online dei Musei

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