Emergency evacuation manual ICCROM UNESCO

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

The emergency evacuation manual is now available in 10 languages!

About the handbook

Built upon years of experience and real-life situations, Endangered Heritage offers a field-tested, simple workflow for the emergency evacuation of valuable objects. A multi-purpose guide, it is created with a variety of users in mind, with simple language and layout intended for heritage personnel, emergency responders, and civilians alike. It offers guidance on when and how to intervene to protect endangered heritage, its illustrations, and charts helping readers to understand quickly and begin working. In crisis situations already underway, it is a fast and easy read that covers the emergency documentation of collections, safe transport, and temporary storage.

“The easy and adaptable workflow in this handbook makes it an important tool for all cultural heritage institutions. User-friendly diagrams make this a truly unique publication as it streamlines the evacuation process while maintaining professional standards” - Rebecca Kennedy, Preservation Specialist, and Emergency Responder.


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