Current Situation in Japan

1. Overall:

Government lifted “state of emergency” from May 26th and economy has finally could re-start among all the prefectures nationwide with limited condition at first. Approx 500 museums (among 1200 nationwide) are already open which locates out of major metropolitan area like Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya, Fukuoka. The rest 700 museums will gradually start opening on June. Remote working is suggested and will be maintained by many companies and shift work as well. All schools start opening keeping social distance and other transaction from Jun 1st. All the shops will start opening. Restaurants are now allowed to open until 22:00 and if situation keeps stable, will be extended to 24:00 within 2-3 weeks. Stadiums, Theatres,Music hall will follow gradually. Many amateur sports events are already decided to cancel until end of August.

Shippers works normally.

*Homepage of Abe Administration

2. Immigration:

Japanese immigration do not accept majority of foreign passport holders entrance. Will see what happens on June. Also major countries do not accept Japanese passport holders entrance either.

Please receive below homepage as reference.

*Ministry of Justice

3. Customs:

Operating as normal.


4. International Flight situation:

Scheduled passenger flights are 96% cancelled (May 27th). Scheduled cargo freighter are all operating and some passenger airline (JL, NH) provide their passenger flights for cargo use only. According to the cargo capacity reduction, airfreight rates are keeping high and has no intention for reduction. We need to wait at least several months.

*Narita Airport Homepage

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