Current Situation in Japan

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

1. Overall (updated)

After lifting “state of emergency”, Tokyo, re-started for “new normal”. Tokyo metropolitan government decided 3 standards for monitoring Covid-19 as below

1) Covid-19 infected per day….. less than 20 person

2) Infected record unknown….. less than 50% of the daily infected

3) Weekly increase of infected.... less than 1 compared to the previous week

When either of the above figures has exceeded, there will be an Alert (we call “Tokyo Alert”) and further mitigation will be re-scheduled.

Figures are now stable and we are expecting further mitigation(Step3) on Jun12. Restaurants can be open until 12 PM, bar and night club will be re-opening.

Please refer below the homepage of Tokyo Metropolitan Government

2. Immigration (same information on the 2nd of June)

Important information for couriers. Japanese immigration office still not starting to accepting foreign passport holders yet, and Japanese passport holders are not accepted from major countries either. It is currently not possible for the couriers to visit Japan and currently no announcement yet for further mitigation

3. Customs (same information on the 2nd of June)

Customs works normally with no problem

4. International Flight situation. (updated)

In April, there were only 68 flights daily from Narita Airport(9.6 % compared to last year the same month) but in May, it increased to 93 flights(13.2%) per day. The average daily scheduled flights for last year's same month were both 700. 3% increased in one month. Cargo freighters are fully operating. We have Nippon Cargo, Cargolux, China Airlines, Korean Airlines, etc. Alternatively Japan airlines, All Nippon Airways, the 2 major Japanese airlines announced that they are both intending to operate cargo flights providing their passenger in June. JAL is adding 300 flights a week and All Nippon is adding 100 flights a week. Some airlines start to allow palletize,de-palletize supervision (JL). It is a good sign that the flights are increasing however the rates keep up high as the cargo space is still a lot less than before and has no sign of reduction.

5. Domestic Transport (new)

No restraint including during a state of emergency period. Completely normal nationwide.

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