Covid testing at US airports

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

The negative coronavirus test result is becoming the passport of Pandemic 2020. Many countries and states are requiring visitors to carry proof of a negative test. Without it, travellers may be denied entry or required to self-quarantine for up to two weeks. Some destinations, such as Alaska, are also encouraging a second test post-arrival. And one state — New York — is demanding it: Starting last week, out-of-towners from affected states must undergo a test on the fourth day of their visit.

Testing has become more ubiquitous, but the clinics may not always be convenient. Plus, for travellers with an impending trip, timing is critical: Some governments will only accept tests administered within 72 hours of departure. To make testing easier for travellers, a few airlines, such as United, have established airport clinics for passengers booked on specific routes, such San Francisco to Hawaii and New Jersey’s Newark Liberty International to London Heathrow. Some airports are also opening testing sites. While a few are available only to airline and airport personnel, such as San Francisco International, many are welcoming the general public. The clinics that are open to everyone are pre-security.


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