COVID-19: Which countries have restricted travel to and from the UK?

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

At least 40 countries have banned or limited UK travel. Ireland’s ban on travel to and from Britain has been extended to 31 December. Here is a list of countries that have imposed restrictions so far:


France: A deal has been reached between France and the UK to reopen the border between the two countries to hauliers and some passengers from Wednesday – if they test negative for COVID. As part of the agreement, the military and NHS Test and Trace teams are to establish multiple testing sites in Kent.

Belgium: Blocked the tunnel and airports from all passenger travel – even transit – for 24 hours from 12 am Sunday.

Germany: Cancelled passenger flights from the UK until 31 December and extended its ban on air passenger flights to a ban on all forms of transport until 6 January

Ireland: Flights to and from Great Britain, not including Northern Ireland, will be banned until 31 December, except for Irish residents and Irish-bound passengers stranded while transiting through British airports.

Netherlands: Banned flights from Britain at least until the new year.

Spain: Flights from the UK suspended indefinitely from Tuesday, with those carrying Spanish citizens and residents excluded. Border controls with Gibraltar will also tighten.

Switzerland: Stopped foreign nationals arriving from the UK (and South Africa) and mandated quarantine for people arriving since 14 December.

Italy: grounded flights from and to Britain until 6 January, while barring entry for anyone who has been in Britain in the last fortnight.

Russia: will suspend air traffic with the UK for one week from Tuesday.

Austria: no passenger flights allowed to land from Britain until the new year.

Denmark: suspended incoming British flights until 9 am Wednesday.

Sweden: suspended all incoming travel from Britain and Denmark until further notice.

Norway: banned incoming flights from Britain starting Monday for 48 hours.

Croatia: slights from the UK cancelled for two days from Sunday.

Bulgaria: banned all flights to and from Britain until 31 January.

Malta: stopped flights both ways without an end date.

Finland: suspended flights with Britain, with the national carrier Finnair ceasing all UK flights for two weeks.

Poland, Portugal, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, North Macedonia: stopping flights from Britain indefinitely.


Israel: initially banned flights from Britain (along with Denmark and South Africa) then forbid any foreign nationals from entering the country for 10 days from Monday.

Oman: suspended all entry to the country by foreigners and halted international passenger flights, starting Tuesday for one week. Cargo flights are excluded.

Saudi Arabia: paused all international passenger flights and land and sea arrivals for a week or until clearer details emerged about the COVID variant, with cargo flights and supply chains exempt.

Iran: suspended flights to the UK for a fortnight from Monday. All Iranian planes ordered to return without passengers.

Turkey: barred flights from Britain (as well as Denmark, the Netherlands and South Africa) for an unknown period.

Jordan: until 3 January, both direct and indirect flights from the UK fare banned.


Sudan: banned travellers arriving from Britain, the Netherlands and South Africa, starting Monday and until 5 January.

Tunisia: suspended air links with Britain, South Africa and Australia, from this Monday and until further notice. Anyone who has resided or transited through these countries will not be allowed access to Tunisian territory.


Canada: halted flights from Britain indefinitely.

United States: New York State governor intends to stop flights from Britain to the state.

Peru: halted commercial flights from Europe for 14 days

El Salvador: prohibited entry from Britain (and South Africa)

Chile: direct flights with Britain barred, along with the entry of foreigners who had been in the UK for the past two weeks.

Argentina: suspended commercial flights to and from Britain.

Jamaica: Halted all flights coming into the island from the UK for two weeks, until 4 January.

Grenada: Suspended all air traffic to and from the UK until further notice.


Hong Kong: banned all flights from the UK.

Pakistan: imposed a temporary ban on travellers arriving from Britain from Tuesday until 29 December. Pakistani nationals can return home from Britain after a negative COVID-19 test.

India: suspended flights from Britain until 31 December.

Singapore: no flights to or from the UK from 23 December, including those in transit. Returning Singapore citizens and permanent residents can enter after a PCR test but must isolate for 14 days.

The Philippines has banned all flights from the UK from 24 December until 31 December. All passengers who have been in the UK in the last 14 days immediately preceding arrival to the Philippines, including those in transit, are also temporarily restricted from entering the country for the same period.

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