China bans visitors from Belgium, India, UK, and Philippines.

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

China has imposed a new round of travel bans on non-Chinese nationals from Belgium, India, the UK, and the Philippines, even if they hold valid visas and residence permits. The move, which takes effect immediately, comes amid a surge of Covid-19 cases overseas.

Starting Friday, travellers from several locations will also be required to undergo nucleic acid and antibody tests. Chinese nationals and foreigners departing countries such as Canada, France, Germany, Pakistan, South Africa, and the US, must take both tests within 48 hours before boarding and present negative test results to a Chinese embassy or consulate for clearance.

The rule also applies to places which have seen lower rates of Covid-19 such as Australia, Singapore, and Thailand.

Those with connecting flights en route to China will need to repeat the tests in their transit country. Testing is not widely available at airports, and travellers are advised to use caution when choosing their transit point.

Chinese embassies in relevant countries will publish timely notices by the evolving situation.

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