Are you experiencing the same problems in your workplace?

I would like to make a reflection on the behavior of the individual in the workplace which should not differ much from the behavior in the social context and family environments.

As CEO of a company with about 100 employees, I have spent a lot of time, with my other colleagues and our consultants for work safety, setting new rules and standards of behavior at work, both in offices and in warehouses but also in external but also in external work where control is obviously more difficult.

It was not particularly difficult to issue a security protocol, there are very specific practices given by government agencies, unions, health authorities but also by many colleagues all over the world who share the same problems, who have made available to everyone very detailed and precise information and procedures.

The problem that we are facing and that we honestly did not expect is to enforce these safety protocols in the workplace, even for visits from suppliers and customers, as if the safety of health was not theirs and also their families problem. It is necessary to maintain continuous and very tight control. Despite the training done, the communications and the warnings, the tendency to resume the old habits of meeting in a group, talking, moving around, having a coffee, smoking a cigarette all together and without the facial protections is very strong. I really can't understand! There should be a sense of responsibility on the part of everyone, all together we should make an effort for the safety of all of us and our loved ones. To respect safety protocols should be the first responsibility of a colleague at work, for everyone's safety.

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