Antonio Addari


General manager at Arteria srl

Antonio Addari has a degree in economics at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”. He started to work in the Fine Art Shipping business in 1975, in 1988 he joined Propileo Transport as partner and Manager of Operations.

As of 2000, with the merging of Propileo Transport in Arterìa srl, he has been actively working on the organization and development, the leading company in Italy for the fine art packing and shipping with offices in Milan, Rome, Florence, Venice, Malpensa and Turin.

From 2001 to 2012 he has been the General Director of Arterìa srl with the responsibility to coordinate all the IT systems, operations, procedures, logistics, quality development, personnel training and coordination with all the different offices.

Since 2013 to nowadays he is the Managing Director of Arterìa srl and based mainly in Milan. Antonio taught in various Italian universities and training courses for packing and handling works of art, art logistics and shipping.

He also participated in several projects for research and innovation with important Italian institutions. He has been also speaker at:
IRS2 2007 in Chicago (Fine art Export License in Italy)
AAM 2010 in Los Angeles (International Art Couriers)
Prep Con 3 at Campbell Center in 2013
ARCS 2013 in Chicago (Italia: A user’s manual for lending and borrowing Art Works)
Prep Con 4 in Forth Worth (Logistics in Venice)
ARCS 2017 Vancouver (Italia: A user’s manual to help deal with Italy)